Early Career

Keith was born and brought up in Northamptonshire, England, where he still lives and works.

Where it all began

At 6 years old, Keith was taken by his Father to an ‘Open Day’ and flying display at RAF Molesworth. Watching Hunter aircraft take off in formation immediately on arrival, it was this event that sparked off his lifelong love of aviation.
Another major influence in his childhood was RAF Chelveston; Keith and friends would cycle there, from their hometown Rushden to get a glimpse of B47’s and later RB66’s. One day Keith and his friend propped their bikes up by the hedge and walked over to the main gate to talk to the ‘cop’ on duty. Fascinated with the uniform and military presence, Keith grew up to continue to be inspired by the involvement of the American military at local bases.
It was a combination of these experiences and a boys natural interest in planes, trains and automobiles that inspired Keith’s lifelong fascination with aviation and the local military history surrounding Rushden. So much so that he has recently painted his memories of these occasions in three popular prints, ‘Hunter‘, ‘Summer of ’57‘ and ‘Spirit of Chelveston‘.

At school Keith did not excel in his art classes, however no exercise book or piece of work would be complete without a doodle or sketch of an aircraft or train.

Quality Control Engineer

On leaving school Keith trained as an Engineer with a company producing components for the aircraft industry. On completing his apprenticeship he worked for a subsidiary of Westland helicopters in its quality control department. The attention to detail that this job entailed can be seen to have passed into his artwork through meticulous research into the details of a scene.

Ambulance Technician

In 1974 Keith undertook a complete change of career by joining Northamptonshire Ambulance Service where he spent the next eighteen years as an Emergency Medical Technician, it was during these years that he developed a love of painting in oils, and what was once small doodles and sketches in notebooks became a more practised skill.

Full-Time Artist

By 1992, what had started out as a hobby developed into a part time business and it was during this year that Keith, with the backing of his family, took the decision to become a full time artist.