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Framing Service


The Artist Proof (A/P) is outside the regular edition and are equal in quality to the limited edition and signed as Artist Proof (A/P) by the artist.

They are traditionally limited to 10% of the edition and are priced slightly higher due to the restricted supply.

All prints are individually signed and numbered by the artist, and are accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

A commission is requesting an original piece of artwork (Keith works in oil on canvas), allowing the customer to dictate the subject matter and have a say in the composition of their very own, one of a kind, original painting. For more information contact Keith.

A Limited Edition (LE) print is a limited printing run of a certain number of prints, making these signed and numbered prints collectable works of art. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies a Limited Edition print.

An Open Edition can be signed by the artist but has no limits imposed on the number of prints that can be sold.

A Lithographic print is an older process based on using a series of printing plates and the traditional 4 ink colours to render an image onto paper.

A Giclee (digital) print uses the same processes as an inkjet printer, typically using 8 or more colours to render the printed image onto a variety of materials from paper to canvas.

The advances in giclee printing mean that it is possible to use more colours to match the tones of an original piece of artwork and can be printed on an as needed basis, making them more cost effective.

A Remarque is an original pencil drawing that is added to a limited edition print, usually in the white border of the print beneath the image.

The cost is an additional £79.00 to the cost of the print for a double Remarque, one drawing on each side of the title for balance, and listed as  an option on the print product page if available.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery from the time of ordering, to account for event commitments Keith may have and of course the time to complete the sketches. Once you have placed your order Keith will be in touch with regard to any desires / specifics for the sketches and will provide a more accurate delivery estimate.

Feel  to add comments about what you'd like as a subject matter for the drawings and preferred contact details for how to discuss this further.