We offer a first class and competitive framing service.

Our prints are framed using a quality framer. We use a quality moulding, double-mounted with a v groove. The prints are also dry mounted which stops warping seen by cheaper alternatives.

We can incorporate into the matting, at extra cost: coins, plaques, medals, pilot wings, unit patches and badges etc.

We work on a policy....if we can do it, we will!

We usually turn around a framed print in 7 days, but we have been able to in 24 hours in certain circumstances. We deliver to RAF Molesworth / Alconbury, free of charge.

In general framed prints are not sold through the website as shipping costs are excessive for the weight and delicacy of the glass in the product. Shipping framed prints any distance would like more details as to the specific costs relating to your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Most framed prints are sold locally such that they can be delivered by Keith at a pre-arranged time, or at events where Keith is exhibiting with framed prints such that the customer can take the products directly. Any orders could be arranged for collection at these events or a pick-up point considered if the able to both parties.