Last One Out


'Last One Out' – by Keith Hill

On Jan 23rd 1943 the B-17 ‘Beats Me’ 303rd Bomb Group / 360th Bomb Squadron, RAF Molesworth, was hit and the surviving crew bailed out. Last One Out was S/Sgt Charles L. Roth, a FW-190 approached him during his parachute fall. Fearing he would be fired upon instead he German pilot saluted.


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‘Last One Out’ – by Keith Hill

On 23rd January 1943 The 8th Air Force struck the U-Boat yards at Lorient, France. The formation was attacked by Luftwaffe fighters on its return to England, and five bombers were lost, all from the 303rd Bomb Group (H). B-17 ‘Beats Me’ from the 360th Bomb Squadron was hit by bombs from a B-17 above it over the target. The plane turned over, but righted itself again and managed to stay airborne for 10 more minutes. The crew bailed out before the bomber plunged toward the earth and exploded. Last One Out was S/Sgt Charles L. Roth, the radio operator. Before leaving, Roth stopped at the right waist gun position to engage an attacking fighter. He made several hits on the FW-190, then left the aircraft as it nosed over and began a slow spin. The smoking FW-190 circled Roth as he was floating to earth in his parachute, and Roth feared he would be shot at. However, after he exchanged salutes with the pilot, the enemy fighter flew off. © KEITH HILL / BRIAN McGUIRE 1997


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